Date: 8/5/2019

By JWoDreams33

I was helping teach professional wrestling to younger kids (ages 2-7) and showing them how to take and sell punches, fall properly, etc. The next thing I knew there was a group of us on Beale Street (or a place with bricks as the street) and we were wrestling. A crowd of people had surrounded us to watch the show. Several of the students put on a show for them and then I got involved. I had a young Asian baby (maybe 2) wrestling w me. She was throwing punches and I was selling it like she hit me w a bag of bricks. I helped her pin me and the crowd started counting 1-2-3... I helped hold her up so she could raise her hands in victory and the crowd when nuts. I then picked her up and hugged her so tight while the crowd was cheering. I had tears running down my face as I walked through the crowd. The entire time it felt as if something may have been wrong w her, like she was special needs or something, but I’m not 100% sure.