please no bullying at the void hotel

Date: 1/27/2019

By llonleywhale

i was staying in some weird hotel where if you stepped in the wrong spot you could end up in some pit and anything that was left there for too long would fade. so i dropped a sweatshirt down there and had to go get it and some girl who bullied me in middle school taunted me was there and then she disappeared and then my sweatshirt dissapeared, and i knew i had to get out. so i ran and then some person sent me a wrong number text and there were seven photos of some salad. turns out it was my mom (idk what this had to do with the plot) so i go back to the room and that girl is there, ripping through my things. shes chasing me around and im running until i run back into the weird void spot and i scream to the top of my lungs and wake up. so nicole, if u read this, i hate you and so many years later you how do you still manage to haunt me?