Strange, scary dream

Date: 7/5/2017

By emilyrabbitch

Last night I dreamt that Amanda had returned from rehab, had her own apartment, a boyfriend, a son and was pregnant again. She lived pretty close by so I was always hanging out at her house, in the dream I was sitting on a bed with her talking and her boyfriend sat next to me and started to touch me inappropriately. I yelled at him and told him that I did not appreciate being violated. He got violent with me and we started to get into a push/pulling match. He picked up a chair and broke it in half and tried to hit me with a rod from the chair. I caught it but a smaller metal piece slipped out of it into his hand. He tried to cut me with it but when he couldn’t he threatened to cut himself with it. I somehow got out of the room and found my mom in a bathroom (idk) I locked the door and called the police before explaining my situation to her, Amanda sent me a text of a pic of her room with blood on the walls captioned things got a lot bloodier after you left. We stood in the bathroom until we heard knocks at the door. We hesitated to open it but it was the police. The next thing I remember is that I’m at home, the bunnies are out and Amanda is over and I’m crying. She says her son is coming over; when the doorbell rings it’s her boyfriend and I scream at him until he leaves and her son stays. This is where things get fuzzy. But this is by far the most vivid dream I had, I woke myself up midway with a scream but fell back to sleep. I also was very rational in the dream which is unusual for how I would act in a situation like this.