Tibetan Throat Singing

Date: 6/19/2017

By LucidSeer

Was aware I was in between sleep states. Used it for an OBE. Heard the throat singing. Remembered I'd been there before. All native men. Looked Native American. I knew I had to keep my energy up to stay there and stay lucid. Because he didn't start his lecture right away I lost lucidity. Earlier I had a dream about my gay friend Paul. He said he wanted to kill himself. I said I would be there to support him if that's what he chose, because I wasn't afraid about death and knew what it was like. We also reminisced about the past and shared moments that we loved having shared together. Like at private school when we used to do PE (jogging) together which was really just us walking and talking about life. (I miss Paul) Later I left him and his boyfriend. Vaguely remember talking to cute guy and flirting. I think I'd met him before in the Astral. Instant sexual connection. I was semi lucid and aware I could wake up. We got sexual but I started waking up. That's when I used it to have the above OBE. I vaguely remember trying to move my arms and flail them about, knowing I wasn't moving my actual body. Then I started flying fairly low over land to my destination.