The Gulf Between Perspectives

Date: 3/18/2017

By Fitful

In this dream there was a YouTuber I used to date, she was pretty famous now and going on tour with her mom. They had a big bus and it was ready to go. I got there and needed to talk to her. There had been some misunderstanding and I knew I could fix it if I just could talk to her. Her mother, however, was uber religious and had become convinced I was the root of all evil and had poisoned her daughter. She didn't approve of homosexuality and she convinced my ex that I was disgusting and when I tried to talk to them they both were very unbending and unkind. I couldn't get her daughter alone, which I knew would work and the mother knew I'm sure. I managed to get myself into their bus, and sat trying to talk to my ex but she wasn't listening. Finally I had to get out of the bus for a reason, something came up like I had to pee and I took my phone but left my phone case. I wasn't ready to give up, I was trying to make it known I was coming back. But once I was out of the bus it took off. I tried running after it, but it didn't work. The chauffeur, a rather likable young man, came back on foot. He brought me my phone case and had all his clean laundry. He said he hadn't liked they way they treated me and and had quit. I was suitably impressed, but still disappointed. Now she was going all over the country to speak out against the evils of homosexuality. And of me. And she still hadn't heard what I needed to tell her. I helped the chauffeur back home, he had a bit of a walk and I had a rolling metal thing on which to hang clothes. So I let him use it for a time on the way back. I was grateful for my phone case. Eventually we got to his limousine and he offered to drive me home. I took him up on that and got in the back. After he got into the driver seat and I into the back I asked him why he had helped me. He said, "There are times when you just meet someone who touches you. Someone who makes a difference in your world just by being seen. I felt that when I saw you." I was really touched by his words and took them as they seemed meant. But he then came around to the back of the limo and tried to kiss me. I knew the moment had been nice but I didn't think it warranted a kiss, I felt it had been platonic really. I couldn't protest however because suddenly I was frozen by something, like electricity, and I couldn't move. He then told me my ex's mother had sent him back to rape me to teach me a lesson. ------ I was dating this young transman who lived out in the country. I help out a lot, trying to impress his family. I cleaned the kitchen, and did a lot of chores. The relationship was either very new or just starting. However, it soon became clear to me I was widely attracted to his mother. She was the most alluring creature in the world. She had one of those faces. There might have been dancing kitchenware in this one. I barley remember this one really.