Date: 8/11/2017

By Abidoue

So it was like my first evening with the people of my CEGEP and there was like this party of welcoming. There were like six organisators. Earlier, one have given me his alcohol bottle as safe keeping. It was like this little coral pink thick liquid in a small uneaven box. I found the girl I remember I had wished was my counselor, because she looked nice, cool and I don't know why she had made me feel safe. It was just a kid's preference I guess. When I came to give her the drink, she smiled and told me it was ok I hadn't opened it, most people wouldn't have broken it open either. When she came to take it, that's when things complicated. That's when I realized she was more than a little pompette. When we were finally able to put her organisation plans, her beer and the small bottle in her hands, I was covered in most of her beer, though at least I didn't spill my cocktail. I remember then another girl counselor that called the whole group together to say we had to split up because this joint was too lit and the cops were probably about to show. So we snuck in sneaky paths to get away from each other and look less crazy. But of course, some were too stubborn to be careful -- the girl that passed in a tight passage right after me, I remember, really didn't care, even though the girl in front of her warned her to be careful but the girl behind me was convinced she had done alright even though we knew we'd get caught because of just her there -- and so even though we were in a safe spot the cops showed up. And by then, everyone was too drunk to be able to look anything close credible to the cops. So as I was explaining to the cops some of us were supposed to be designed drivers but crossing another group things got kind of out of hand and I didn't know what to do or think of the situation, the counselor that had given me the bottle showed up with a bunch of sober people and I remember there was relief and panic that suddenly started to war again inside of me, just like when the cops arrived. He apologized for the mess, promised to bring everyone home, that he and another guy counselor had planified lots of designed drivers because he knew the girl counselors tended not to be responsible with alcohol. The cops agreed and decided to trust him instead of testing a bunch of like twenty persons designed to drive for alcohol. I ended up in the boy's room, looking over the girl. And then he entered and took me away to thank me so much on how I had stuck up for them and everything.