But...I'm not hurting anyone...

Date: 4/15/2017

By Octopaw

I only remember the last quarter of my dream. It was a Vary long. I was back at the Cadet camp Blackdown. Except the sky was purple and it was the real army. Hanna Was there. Everyone got along with everyone. But a lot of people hated me for my new age believes. One guy went so far as to destroy me and my tent mates tent. "Go ahead, that not even my tent," I chuckled he fell for my bluff and drove away in a fit of rage. He hit the P.O hummer limo. He dented it then drove away. I was blamed of course. And sent to my P.O's tent. But my P.O was super nice. I sat on his crystal bed and explained everything. So logically he gave me a hand full of crystal beads for my troubles. Saying it won't be "alright". I went back to my tent and woke up. Don't judge people by what they believe alone. There's still a person.