first impressions/FIRE!!

Date: 1/27/2017

By psyche

i woke up at kyles mom's house. it was the weekend so kyle was a bit concerned she would discover me there but it was pretty early in the morning. alas, she called his name from upstairs and i guess she was suspicious someone else was there so she started looking around.. i looked for a place to hide but the house looked really different than it looks irl and i didn't do a very good job hiding. she got to the little hallway where i was hiding but she was turned the other direction. she was much older than i expected and was using a walker. kyle saw me and for a sec we thought we would get away w it but then she turned around and saw me there. she was actually pretty nice and asked me some questions about who i was and what i did (for some reason i think we were speaking on the phone to each other) it was kind of difficult for me to answer her questions bc i was just getting over a throat thing (i am irl) so it was hard to speak loudly enough. she asked me things like what i did and i told her i was a student. i'm not sure when this happened in the sequence of events but at one point i could see her coming home through the back door so i quickly left through the front door. i went to my car but i couldn't move very quickly.. i guess she saw me or something bc i don't remember driving away and i thought need up back in the house. kyle had a rather large family and his dad was there which doesn't make sense bc he's an only child and his mom and dad are divorced. but we sat around and chatted and either his mom or dad made us all avocado smoothies. i'm pretty sure my mom was also there at this point. we drank our smoothies and had something else i guess bc we had some other dishes as well. kyles mom was very nit picky and particular apparently so we all cleaned up our dishes. one of kyles "brothers" showed me how to properly load one of the two dishwashers (one was really small) that were in the kitchen. this is all i remember of this dream although i think a couple other things may have occurred. - cut to me and my mom hanging out at the siemann's house--i guess our house in this dream?--but it had two, maybe theee, stories. we were looking out the window of what i thought was the first but from the perspective we were seeing must have been the second story. we were looking at a two story house across the street that had a lot of windows and was awfully see through so we could see the three people inside. it was two adults and a small boy. all of a sudden a large flame was somehow ignited in the living room and within 10 seconds the entire house was being consumed by the fire. i asked my mom if i should call 911 and she said yes so i dialed the number. i saw the man at his back door in his underwear w his phone up to his ear presumably on the phone w the police. idk why he didn't run out immediately but waited til his clothes had caught fire and then ran out into the street. i was on the phone w a 911 operator trying to relay what was going on and the address while this was happening but i was feeling out and doing a terrible job and hung up. the man finally dropped to the ground to attempt to roll and put himself out but he had waited too long and stopped moving as soon as he was on the ground. i saw the small boy run out of the house and averted my eyes and left the window bc i didn't want to see what happened next or for the little boy to see me and come to our house looking for help. the fire department was taking a really long time but eventually i heard sirens and they came blaring around the corner. there wasn't much they could do, the fire had pretty much burned the house to the ground. the police came to question me and my mom. i'm not sure if it was like this the whole time or not but the police ended up being kyle and his band mates and maybe one other dude ( i feel like they may have taken this form later). i guess we were suspects or something bc they searched us and some of our things but didn't find anything. i looked out the window again and saw that the little boy had hung himself or been hung from a tree in his yard. this was a terrible sight and i reeled back from the window in horror. we went upstairs for some reason and the cops continued their search. they found some paraphernalia in my room like my helix and a couple bongs and a grinder and said they had to confiscate it and give me a ticket and i was pissed bc i had just been trying to help but now i was in trouble. they decided to leave so we went out with a couple of them in front then me and mom then the one carrying my smoking apparatuses. i was angry so i shut the door before the last cop could get out. they left but came back a little while later, definitely as kyle and his band mates this time and had me park their little pt cruiser-like vehicle. my paraphernalia was in a bag in the passenger seat and they obviously wanted me to take it back and they were gonna pretend they hadn't seen it for whatever reason. i was having a really hard time figuring out how to shut off the engine but james came and helped me eventually and took some things in a box off my hands. then i woke up