A survival apartment story dream.

Date: 6/3/2019

By LordLuke

I was running up a apartment building and wanted to go in a room. So when we got in the third floor or so we went in a room. Idk why but I was trying to run away from something. So I thought the thing was right above me so I wanted to go inside the one below it. I knocked on the door and there was 2 people in their so I begged them to let me in. So they let me in and there was no food at all. So I saw the 2 people that let me in and then I was looking for food. No food. I also had a witch friend with me for some reason. She went straight to the bathroom and I checked in their and she had a little witch station set up. The apartment looked alot like my mom's house. So I went to the living room and saw a attic entrance so I grabbed a latter and opened it up so I can go up. Then I realized it was a pull down latter attic. So I pull It down and started climbing up it. For some reason i was yelling at everybody to stay away. I just wanted me to explore it. Then when I was done climbing the attic was fricking huge. So I look to the left and right full of food.there were like pop tarts and bread and other stuff. Then I looked at the latter where I climbed up and I saw my brother climbing up. So me and him started exploring and we see a huge container full of ice cream and sprinkles, the sprinkles were huge. Then I saw my brother go straight to the poptarts. Like I said in the beginning we needed the food. So then i saw someone taking the bread then i took some to. Then i saw ant man shrink. So I called him and I saw him and it was cool.