Scale mountain, race, fire bending #2

Date: 6/3/2017

By TheNagual

A large race out in a beautiful green pasture on a sunny day. I get 2nd place behind Nick, the end was a metal pole. There was an Asian cafe zupas girl. Warfare out by a dark jagged mountain. I blow up a helicopter after it dropped bombs. The mountain was large, nick told me to conquer Brad Pitt and a downwards triangle it seen as well as invisibility. In a helicopter, I chose an alternate path and I am bestowed with fire bending powers by a ritualistic circle with two lines shooting out; perhaps an eye in the middle? I am quickly killed by powerful Jedi's. a long race - over 300 miles I ran. A women and a man almost catch up. They try to eat, I then attempt to repair a machine that deals with water. I was talking to a black women about mathematics. With the help of my unconscious, I learn all of calculus. Pg 51 55?? James felt insecure about this.