shitty mom

Date: 1/31/2017

By pea-p0d

I was apparently the war caller and was supposed to inform people if anyone was hurt by turning the lights on. I went to turn off the light and grabbed the kitchen knife and then put it to my wrist but my mom walked in so I had to shove the knife away. I also had to cover up my upper body with a sack of rice and I ran towards the dining table to grab my gray giant cardigan to wrap around my waist cause I was apparently naked. My mom and I started talking and she kept going on about how I should have been more active and participated in more events and extracirriculars in school. I started getting extremely mad cause she always does this and she knows how it makes me feel so I lash out on her. I yell "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS FEEL THE NEED TO BRING THAT UP WHEN YOU KNOW THAT I CANT CHANGE IT WTF YOU KNOW HOE FUCKINH DEPRESSED I AM ARE UOU TRYING TO JIST COMPLETLY RUIN ME?" I started crying and threw the food that I was eating on the ground and she smiled at me while I stormed away to sob on the floor