Date: 2/15/2017

By Samiboo

I was at a cool modern school and there were a lot of children. while i was walking a girl with a red dress passed me. she was talking to someone ahead of her. when outside she was verbally attacked by a crazy black haired lady. Me and a blond girl began protecting the girl like bodyguards as we walked along. the lady kept yelling and doing magic stuff. the blond girl walked in front of her while i walked between the girl and the woman with my arms spread. the next day me and blondy were called in a room resembling mis Garcia's and were instructed by a teacher on what to do like actual bodyguards. when outside i decided to escort the girl home and outside the school in front of a park we saw the woman again and she was going crazy and flashing and yelling spells. i urged the girl to ignore her and continue walking as i watched out for any magic missiles spells.