Dream guide search: WILD technique

Date: 3/30/2017

By frankcastle

I go from the waking stage directly to the dream. This is absolutely amazing, even though I tried this before and had success on my first try. This time I see the hypnagogic imagery first and then my body starts going numb. I learned that compared to my first WILD attempt, sound instead of images works best to enter the lucid dream. The environment sounds from my room start to become a distant thought and the blanket sensation covering my body starts. At this state I can feel my body is completely shut down and sounds from the dream are becoming more realistic and loud. I start feeling vibrations in my head but I stay calm because I know this is the transition into the lucid dream. From this point on I want to start my lucid dream in the beach. I then try to hear the waves and the wind of the ocean. I was confident that this was going to work. Then, with my eyes still closed, I feel like I'm on the bed, but I know I'm on the beach of my lucid dream. So I open my eyes, sit up and push the wall nearest to my bedside and voilà, the wall falls like if it was made out of cardboard. The beach looks like an oil painting but as soon as I start walking, it clarifies and looks very real. It was like an exotic beach from a magazine picture. The weather, sand, view, setting, all perfect. I fail to do reality check to increase my level of lucidity. I know I am in a dream and somewhat confident that I can do whatever I want. Then the climate starts to change, the clouds become dark, I start hearing thunders, a storm is coming. But I quickly command the scene to stabilize. Then I start thinking on what to do next. At first I wanted to explore the dream and maybe find my dream guide character. But I think of sex and a good looking woman comes into view and we go to a nearby mansion. We start having sex and after a while a small baby comes from inside the mansion I tell the girl to cover the child eyes. We continue with our sex. Then two people stand by the door from which the baby came. I ask the woman if the male one was her husband, she says "no." Then I get the feeling that in this dream the woman is my wife, and the child may be mine. I take a good look a the two people at the door and It looks like a servant and the woman's father. They walk toward us and stop, I give the child to them and they leave. We continue having sex. I get the feeling that I'm being too rough with the girl so I change position and let her on top, we finish soon after this. Then we go and join the two people that walked to us earlier . At that moment I think of asking the girl to be my dream guide and I do just that. However, she became uncomfortable with my comment, and after a step back replies, "I don't know anything about that." I get the impression that she is lying, but I turn to the man who looks like her father to ask the same question but I wake before his reply.