Date: 6/29/2019

By I_Like_Art

Well, it all started in my elementary school. We were outside and we were told to walk the track as much as possible, and whoever walked the most before the time was out would win. There were lots of people but I only knew one who was my friend. My friend went in a direction that no one else was going, because it would slow you down. I knew that if I took that direction I Probably wouldn’t win. I chose to go anyways because I didn’t want my friend to be lonely. We walked for a while because she didn’t want to run. In the end, somehow I ended up walking more than her and I actually won. This meant that I would get to go to an audition to play a part in a tv show.(?) so they took me to a tower and told me to go inside and I would meet my competitors. I did and all of them seemed friendly enough except for one girl who we will call Clara. She had almost white blond hair, and it looked like she bleached it that way. The first round there was a man who came in and told us that we were going to go through a series of tests, and in the end based of our results he would pick a winner. Well the first test there was a weird slide thing that was covered in moss and vines. He told us we would have to FLY down the slide like literally in the air hovering. We couldn’t touch the slide. Everyone was ok with that and I said, “well I’m not great at flying but I can.” And his response was, “this depends on your future so try your best.” We all did and went to the next level of the tower. It was choosing an outfit. For some reason I knew that we were in Clara’s room. Apparently she lived in the tower. So they put us in her messy walk in closet and told us to pick an outfit that matches the role we are going to play. All I knew about the role was that it was a teen girl. So I figured I would keep my ripped jeans on that I was wearing and find a new top. I looked up and there were shirts hanging from the ceiling, and two of them looked like two good options. I didn’t grab them yet because I wanted to look at the other options. Well when I couldn’t find anything I turned around to grab one of those shirts and they were both gone. And guess what, Clara was wearing one of them. She smirked at me and strode out of her closet. At this point I was the only person in the closet so I was rushing. I pulled out a shied from a rack and threw it on. It was actually really cute. It had a v neck and it was black with strings connecting the sides of the v neck together.(if that makes sense) I walked out of the closet and you could tell that Clara was upset I had found a decent outfit. I ignored her. Next thing I know we are on a bus. Clara is sitting behind me and I see her hands come out next to me. I get confused before she puts her hands on my throat. She “playfully” strangled me and everyone was laughing. All I could think was, “I can’t wait to go home.” And I woke up.