Holloween celebrated at wawa

Date: 7/23/2017

By malexandria

First we where at the hospital doe who know what but then we where back home at my grandparents house and j was trying to get ready for Holloween. For some reason I was being that one bratz doll with the witchy white hair and red cape...whatever. It was already past six and Aj didn't want to go. I really did look like the doll and i remember my mom cutting my hair all the way down like the dolls. I kept thinking hooray because she cut my hair while it was straightened and my hair was curly so it would be half that length. After a while we couldn't go trick or treating because of my brother so my mom gave us this game card to the ATM at wawa. If we swiped it we would be able to play so we went and did it. The game was weird. U had to throw a lamp and someone else had to catch it. Then that person has to throw it off to someone and the goal of the game was for the guy it belonged To not to get it. There where three rounds and it took two of them to get used to but the last round I was sucked into the game and played very well and even won.