Digital art, A young woman discovers she has time-traveled to the 60s and goes on a shopping spree, but ends up taking in a young boy who she later discovers is not who he appears to be.

Walked into the 60s

Date: 5/17/2017

By reannaj

I seemed to be in this lady's dressing room grabbing clothes for I don't know why I was there. But I remember the clothes were everywhere hanging up, and on the floor kinda how like mine are. Anyways we had to put on older clothes it was me and two other women with me they kept saying to put on 50s like 60s clothes so I began to try to find an outfit to put on. I found an outfit I put it on but it just didn't seem just right. But I just said whatever and walked out of the room. And when I walked out i seemed to be in a clothes store I kept thinking how did I get here? and the other two women walks out and I'm just shocked of what happen and I walk out of the back of the store. I walk out and open the door it looked all gloomy and dark, and horrible looking people outside. So I walk back in the store and go to the two women that I was with. I ask where am I? I walked out back and it looked disturbing. They say yeah don't go that way it's quiet frightening. I just say ok. Then one of the girls say go out the front doors in front of the store it's better. I look confused. And ask her where we were she says we're in the 60s darlin. I look quiet confused because that can't be I can't be in the 60s. She hands me some old money and a credit card that looked old as well that had a piece of paper stuck on it and she said that's the number to the card. And then told me to go grab some clothes. And change and do whatever you feel. I began to walk around the store to look at clothes. The girl that gave me the credit card had left out of the store onto the streets. But the other women was with me. She helped pick out clothes with me. I remember grabbing a long coat brownish like with buttons and I put it on and buttoned it up all the way to the top of my neck and then put on these black shoes with the strap in the back. I said okay I guess this is fine. But as I was walking out I seen this whole rack full of bright and pretty clothes most beautiful thing I seen in the whole store. I began looking threw and they had matching tops and bottoms. High wasted shorts and crop tops all different colors, then as with the bathing suits as well. But I just walked out of the store to the side walk I was a bit confused on where to go so I walked across the street everything looked so beautiful very modern like buildings, children playing, grown men in suits walking by, a nice sunny day. But I looked around and I just went back into the store because that was the only place I knew. As I walk in I find myself walking to the kid section and seen a women going threw the clothes rack. A boy was standing next to her and I walked up to her and told her, her son looked very handsome and she looks at me and says "that's not my son" and walked off. I was very confused because that was the only lady in the kid section the boy looked very young like about 7 or 8 years of age. So I looked around and asked the boy where was his mommy or daddy was? I grabbed him by the hand and started walking around the store but he just stared at me and said I don't have a mommy or daddy. I was shocked. I didn't know what to do so I asked if he wanted to stay with me. He looked happy so I told him to pick out some nice clothes and a toy and we'll figure it out. I seen the lady that was with me earlier in the store so as the boy was picking stuff out I walked up to her and asked what should I do I have this boy that didn't have a family and all alone and she replied that I was gonna have to take him. But I continue on with how I don't even have a house or anything. She pointed at the credit card I forgot I had. And on the paper stuck to it said about 1million dollars and that's a lot of cash especially in the 60s. As I turned around to get the boy I was a bit confused on where he had gone? And called out where he was he responded I'm right here? I was majorly confused now because the boy who said I'm right here looked like a damn teenager? I said I'm sorry I was looking for a little boy that was with me just a second ago he had picked out these car pajamas. Again the teenager replied I'm right here its me see and held out the car pajamas but the car pajamas were the size of a 8 year old. I gave it a second and said ok I didn't ask no questions I told him to put the clothes back and go get something in his size to pick out and so we began to pick bigger clothes out. And I told him we're going to go get a house I have a lot of cash. He said okay and picked out clothes and bought them and we walked out of the store.