Rains and Soap

Date: 9/14/2019

By thearcher

So the whole scene was like in a rainy environment that turned out real quick into a flood. And we were like trying to get away from it. We were finding shelter and high places I think. I also was crying. I was terrified. But were rescued! There's this GIANT TRUCK that scooped us out of that flood and took us somewhere safe. Well this somewhere safe was also flooded LMAO. At least we were kept from the rain. But I felt that someone was following us. Everyone kept telling us to not leave a trail or a scent. It terrified me. Then after this, I was on a tiny floating device I was leaving out trails and scents and everyone was like "Are yoh dumb?" but I didn't feel as if I was doing a bad thing. Dreams are weird it makes you feel invincible. *Sexual Warning Ahead* But then it gets really weirder. After that scene it faded into this. I was in a nice house and there was a guy. I think my job is to bath him so I did. We were in the bathroom, there was a bathtub and it was really soapy everywhere. I was trying to clean him but then he starts rubbing me. Like he's grinding him on me. It was really hot not gonna lie but I pretended it wasn't bothering me because I feel embarrassed. And he was like "I know you feel it too." So like I threw myself to him. We were like kissing and yeah IT WAS REALLY HOT. The End.