Date: 4/2/2019

By AshWednesday

I had just been gifted with a horse by a friend of my sister. The horse was white and a young male from what we were told. I took the horse out riding and named him Isaac. I quickly grew to love my new companion and was happy to keep him. One night I was sleeping with my windows open in this random farm I was living on. I heard a creak and quickly sat up to look at what made the sound and saw a naked man smiling at me. Not a predatory stare, but one full of love and devotion. I asked who he was and he said I’m Isaac the horse with a big smile. I was fucking floored at this and began to freak out. Isaac got in bed with me while I was trying to understand how my horse became a man. He asked me why I was upset and started trying to remove my nightgown and I was across the room in seconds. I told him there would be none of that and he was a horse and that is too weird for me. He looked disappointed but was okay with my bottom line. I then called the guy who gifted me the horse and asked him if he knew this horse was enchanted or cursed or whatever allowed him to be a shapeshifter. The guy said he knew and thought he broke the curse before he gave me the horse, he said if I give Isaac back to him he’s going to put him down for sure. My jaw hit the floor at this and I looked at the happy naked man in my bed and sighed. “I’ll keep him.”