Mother Ocean In Law

Date: 6/1/2017

By Fitful

I was off somewhere, perhaps it was a job. I left my little brother with my boyfriend who looked after him routinely. My boyfriend was some guy with a Chinese face and a different body, and different voice. His face literally hung off him, like it was a mask, and he wore a top hat. They stopped to pick me up, it was the middle of the highway somewhere, nowhere near anything. My little brother was very upset being with him, my boyfriend's sense of humor alarmed him and he hadn't been having fun. My brother was very young at the time, like 4 or 5 years old. He clung to me as I got in the car. Admittedly I think my boyfriend's humor had a pinch of cruelty to it here, he'd been popping on different faces and shaking the boy. Something in the air in that area made me have to use the restroom. It was heavy air, like something waited in it and I protested when my boyfriend drove on the opposite direction to the restroom just over there in the subway. But i decided he was right, it could wait until the restaurant. We were going to the aquarium and it was an exciting day. At the aquarium, this posh restaurant which was actually an aquarium, we met his mother. The aquarium was unusual as it made it so you were living underwater, but could breath perfectly fine, you floated and drifted in this beautiful tank so large you never saw the sides. The moment we got there I sought out the restrooms. The restrooms in this restaurant were amazing, there was literally a maze of stalls in each one, and each were spaced out throughout the place. The nearest one i went into had a lot of stalls. I kept going in a different one searching for the right one. I spent the whole dream trying find a clean stall. Sometimes I was actually eating with my mother in law and boyfriend. My mother in law was quite the character, with an amazing figure and sex allure, and kept flirting with me. I flirted back outrageously, I actually kept getting aroused by her the flirting was so intense. Plus she put on quite a show. Not only did she narrate, she floated in the center of our table, beautiful hair streaming out around her, dressed in a streamline black gown with a tail to it, floating off the floor, and acted out the story by picking up necklaces which shown under the water like massive jewels. She told a story about how to know if some gentleman, at the workplace, was seeing some girl on the side. She said it wasn't hard to tell, merely watch the times they left, not arrived. He might keep to a schedule and meet clients at strict times but the times would always be shorter or vary if the "client" was someone he was courting. She was sexual as she described this, and there were visions which accompanied her story plus her laying down necklaces for our viewing pleasure. I countered with sexual innuendos, which probably would have no context or be innuendo out of the dream, and wanted to drive back how to tell if an older man was the one being courted. I think my comeback was meant to imply she was a young woman I would peruse, which made me an old man. Since I was a young woman it sounded stupid and I didn't say it. Instead we ate these amazing dishes of fish, I think it was tuna fillets, the were in individual bowls, shallow and the exact size of each filet. They had this butter amazing sauce underneath them, you had to scoop them up and eat them in one gulp, and they were sweet, like imitation crab. I did have a moment where I remember I didn't eat fish ever for some reason, but they were too good to not eat. I ate three because some waiter had left them on a cart near our table. In between conversations and food I kept going back to the restroom try as I might I couldn't find a clean stall. Everytime I would find one, and start to do my business, I realized the seat wasn't clean so I would get up and hunch over, not even wiping yet, looking for a clean stall. People coming into the restroom even remarked on people doing just what I was doing, and complained. I did finally find one with a clean seat, one I had avoided because it was for the handicap, it had a cushion seat like a child's training seat, and handles and a step stool. I finally sat on that one it was perfectly clean. My mother in law to be, at the end, picked up a beautiful pearl thing, it looked like a necklace, and she was floating in the center of our table, backed by dark reefs, dark water, and her sexy allure, and pulled the thing on her hand like a glove. Her hand suddenly was covered in pearls following the bones and then the woman glowed, her hair lite up like white silver or mercury and the pearl hand thing shown too and she even looked more ethereal. I realize this was her Ursula look and I was even more impressed, and attracted, to her.