New seating at work

Date: 5/25/2017

By queenofgarlic

Bits and pieces of a complex, mostly forgotten dream At work Blended roles complete Sitting with Billing and Sales Coords Answered a phone but spaced out because their voice sounded like Tamara's from the Calm. app Moved to a desk by "Ponytail" and "Mane" Outdoors and lots of construction Monitors would fold but not stay "Spiritual " helped me move stuff Lots of large cardboard boxes A chair too small for my tall desk Went home, but my apartment building was now on work campus Started to rain Ran back to make sure my boxes were not getting ruined Stopped by the person in charge of construction Looked like a human version of Rick from Rick and Morty Surrounded by bare wires Told me I couldn't go past him without socks or I could get hurt I was wearing socks He was wearing shoes but no socks Then I woke up.