Crazy Harry Potter dream

Date: 5/14/2017

By AbbyK

So some of my friends and I were friends with Harry, Hermione, and Ron, but they weren't in the dream at all because they were off fighting somewhere else. We were on this farm of some sort because of something happening at Hogwarts and we were in this big barn that served at the dining hall. It didn't look cool in there like usual because we all were just hiding out. So I remember that we were all supposed to be looking out for the kids and I was walking around the dining hall and all of these people come in. They cast a spell over the kids and all of the good people in the room including the teachers (who looked like my teachers from high school). For some reason the spell didn't hit me or my friends so we tried to fight back by doing spells, but they did the opposite. We ran away to figure out what to do. We figured out that the kids were under some spell that made them follow exactly what the evil people asked and the adults were under a spell where they did the exact opposite of what you told them. We found out that only these special kids weren't affected by the spell and they were faking it. So we went into the dining hall and found some kids that were faking and discreetly told them everything. We kept finding more kids and making sure they were safe. We then went up to the teachers under the spell and told them all to stay awake all night and they instantly fell asleep. We told the kids to raise their hands if they were untouched by the spell and a bunch of them did. We moved them on the other side of the room so we could tell them apart. As we were doing that the evil people came in and woke them up. We started battling with our wands and all of the kids we found started helping. We defeated all of them. Then I saw like a couple months into the future and we were all happy living on the farm together.