Fire Escape girl

Date: 6/10/2017

By pokeb0y

I was in my room. But The only thing that made it look like my room in real life was my loft bed. The rest was smaller and empty and painted purple but I felt like it was my room. My loft was positioned right next to the window witch was opened and I saw the New York City skyline at night all lit up as well as a fire escape. I was in some kind of apartment building. I was sitting looking out when this girl climbs up the fire escape and asks to come in. For some reason I felt totally comfortable with her like I had know her forever. I can't remember her face but she was wearing short ripped jean shorts and a black graphic tank top that was a size and a half to big. She was bear footed like she had just left her own house and didn't bother to grab a pair before she left like she lived only a floor or two below me. Her hair was kinda a dark dirty blond. (kinda hard to explain but I can picture it) I let this girl in and we sat on my loft and just talked and laughed together. We ended up under my loft sitting and talking and telling secrets... then kissing. It seemed to be the happiest I had ever been. She had to leave during sunrise so we kissed goodbye and she climbed back down the fire escape.