The houses will crumble

Date: 6/12/2019

By clointoronto

Was travelling for some reason; I feel like the travel was for a few weeks and for work. Yet, I was being out up in places in third world countries and never actually doing any work except we went to one work event. One area was so old that it had things holding up the interior and exterior of the houses. I was positive one room was going to collapse on me; it was all cemetery and the bed was hooked into the wall. I kept shaking it to see if it was ok and the top bunk, I couldn’t get to because the height from the end to the ceiling was to small. One morning I woke up to some kids and I saw a baby turtle chasing me and hissing at me. At the work event, a guy had an interview and was sitting outside of the meeting room. One of the partners thought he was funny and mentioned he was going to see how stupid this interviewee was so he yelled, “Alright, I’m just going to step out for a bit.” He locked the door knob yet only closed the door a bit. I was laughing hysterically and eventually the guy figured out it was a joke. It doesn’t sound funny but I’m not explaining it well. Then a partner at my office wanted to get together so I gave him my number but I regretted it because he was so plastered and not attractive. There is so much more now that I think of it but meaningless, I suppose.