All I Know About LUCID Dreaming (Guide for Beginners)

Date: 8/27/2017

By ace200

LUCID Dreaming: •When you take control of your dreams and can distort them to your liking. Techniques: •Reality Checks- The first step into starting to become a LUCID Dreamer is to start doing reality checks consistently. These are when you check that you are not dreaming, but are in real life. Then, in your dreams, you will begin performing reality checks on cue and realize you are dreaming. Examples of reality checks are counting the number of fingers you have (in dreams you may have more or less then five or fingers in weird places), finding a clock and checking the time (time is normally distorted in dreams), checking a birthmark on you or a mole (it probably won't be there in a dream), pushing a finger into your palm (it would go through your palm in a dream), pinching your nose (you will be able to breathe in your dream), and etc. Knowing how these things should be, you will be able to tell you are dreaming when they are not right. You should schedule times to perform your reality checks. For example, each time you go through a door you can count your fingers. Each time you enter a room, you can find the time. Each time you see an animal, say hi to someone, feel happy, see something blue, you perform a reality check. It is up to you how you handle the reality checks. When continuous, you will then do them in your dreams automatically. I would say at least count your fingers three times a day. •Dream Journals- Keeping a Dream Journal is super important. The more your write your dreams out, including as many details as you can, will make remembering your dreams easier. Even writing, "I do not remember what I dreamed last night," is helpful. The more you write, the more you remember, the more you dream, the more valid you are to LUCID dream. •WILD- This technique, Wake Induced LUCID Dreams, is where you lie down in bed and do not move. The goal here is to have your body fall asleep, but to keep your mind awake by thinking. This can be a scary technique to some because as your body falls asleep, some experience hallucinations or visions while entering the dream scape because their minds are still focused. Your body will also go numb which is very scary and uncomfortable for some. However, you will be able to enter into a LUCID dream if done correctly. •WBTB- This stand for "Wake Back To Bed". First, you set your alarm and go to sleep normally, but wake up in six hours. When your alarm goes off after six hours, fully awake yourself by getting up, splashing water in your face, etc. Maybe even read an article on LUCID Dreaming to stay focused. Stay awake for 20-60 minutes. Then, go back to bed, but visualize your dream scape as you drift off such as your bedroom, an island, etc. Also, plan what you would do in your LUCID dream. Are you going to try to fly (the simplest task to start with), talk to people, explore, etc? •MILD- Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams is a technique where you repeat mantras or affirmations to yourself while falling asleep. These can consist of affirmations such as "I will go into a LUCID Dream,", "I will remember my dream tonight,", "When I dream, I will realize I am dreaming." You can repeat this to yourself as many times as you would like, I suggest at least twenty. Writing it down twenty times may be helpful too before bed. •Music- There is special LUCID Dreaming inducing music that you can find on YouTube that, for some people, can drift you into a LUCID Dream or cause you to be more aware you are dreaming. •Education- Educating yourself and reading about LUCID Dreaming will put you in the right mindset and make it easier to stay focused. •Meditation- By taking a few times a day for 5-10 minutes and taking a breather, LUCID Dreaming can get easier. Just take a couple minutes to breathe, maybe three times a day, and clear your mind. Find some meditation music, get out your yoga matt, and have some time to yourself. •Visualization- Before going to bed, clearing your head and imagining what you want to do in your LUCID dream is really helpful. You will remember what you planned with you become LUCID and take action instead of not knowing what to do. Everything will just be easier. My Personal Experiences: •Any time I have had a LUCID Dream, I was sleeping very lightly. I would wake multiple times in the night, remembering each dream when I went to bed again. After waking up a few times, I would drift into a dream and realize I am dreaming as I did that night so often. •Each time, I was listening to ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos, or relaxation videos. •The methods that work best for me are Dream journals, visualization, reality checks, and the MILD technique. •My sister performed the WILD technique and it terrified her, be careful with it. She couldn't move her legs when they numbed and she saw shadows moving around her room and thought they were real. •Flying is the easiest thing to try to do in a LUCID Dream. Plan to do that first, it worked for me. •I can normally make things appear on cue, however I was messing around in a LUCID dream once and found I couldn't make a mushroom pop out of my kitchen table. There are limits, don't give up though! Work harder to push the boundaries! Things to Do in LUCID Dreams: •Fly. •Try stepping inside a mirror. •Eat as much food as you can (since you won't become fat in real life). •Talk to someone. Maybe ask them if they know they are in the dream world with you. •Swim underwater. •Meet up with someone who you fancy😉 (If you wish for someone or something to appear, it normally does.) •Meet a celebrity. •Try using supernatural powers like making objects float.