A place, a promise, a trial, and the movies?!?!

Date: 5/23/2017

By JRGoriginal

I Was on an odd mountain that had a city built on both sides. On the side that we were all the buildings were mashup in such a way that we can literally stand on top of them. To the other side of the mountain there is a city, somewhat like Italy where all the buildings were made from stone and clay painted in a very light brown (white skin color, I don't know how it's called). I remember that I was with Christian and Samuel, we were somewhere across the island supposedly, thou I know for a fact we were somewhere that looked like the food court of the mall that I'll mention later. We were talking about something, the dream made somewhat of a special concentration on Samuel's operation wound. We were buying food (panchos from church's chicken to be exact) before I got called for the next part in the dream. Then something about a baby, our friend was fighting for her against her father. I don't remember what happens during the middle of the dream, something about us trying to break in and rescue her, failing. In the end we won anyway. For a moment I found myself driving and being terribly nervous and angry. I was trying to concentrate but someone (I don't remember who) was telling me that I was doing it wrong. The theaters, cinema in Hatillo, grey sky, a storm was coming, the seas were very dangerous. Since the cinema is connected to the rest of the mall we walked inside. Flor entering a store, the mall feeling creepy as hell, something happens. I can't remember. You'd be surprise, this is the first time that I've had multiple dreams and remembered, if not all, parts of it. All that I do know is that they are all sending a message, the same message, about a place, a promise and a trial.