Date: 2/7/2017

By twilson37

Had the high school dream again. I was going to high school at 47 years old. Why I don't know. I have a bachelors degree. I have a decent job irl. But I have this dream over and over. I was sitting in the car in front of school. Buses pulling up. I was thinking it is odd to be going to school at this age. I should look to see if anyone else my age was there. I think I saw Elaine the other day. Man in white button down shirt standing in street near buses. A parent maybe.I decided I wasn't going anymore. I am not required to go. Nobody is going to arrest me if I don't go. There are other ways to spend a day. Learning seems to be important in this dream. I will go to the library. Do some independent study. Clean hose. Just stay busy. Scene change Waking up in a convenience store. Roma asks me if I have a 12 foot anaconda. No, no I don't. I tell her she could probably make one. Just thinking big green stuffed snake. She is like yeah! For $800!