Surprise party ends, no more family

Date: 5/29/2017

By ksm464

My parents threw me a surprise party. I was shocked, they can't plan for shit in real life. I remember my Snapchat app deleted right before everything started and I was so upset about that the entire time. I remember getting tons beautiful flowers and the Kardashians were there. Just Kendall and Kylie and both were really hungover from whatever they did the night before. When the party ended we were packing up and it took a while. Turns out my dad was trying to kill my mom the whole time by taking her to some elevator floor that was so dangerous it had like a giant worm. I left my dad on that floor because I knew he was planning on taking my mom their next. He didn't know i was in the elevator and I basically killed him. But turns out my mom died somehow too I can't remember that part. I left with no parents