61. Hiding in the forest🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳 Figthing the evil wizard💀

Date: 6/6/2017

By Raul

I am in the forest with some people and we are looking for tall trees to build a suspended treehouse (base) to spend the night away frome the ground. After we built the base and we were safely away from the horrors of the nigt terrors trying to kill us I asked what are we hiding from but someone sushed me and told me "you don't want to know". At sunrise we descent from our safe base and got out of the forest only to be cornered by a tall man in all black clothing with a hoodie covering his face. He atacked us with mistical magic powers and I hold my hand out starched trying to mimic one of his atacks and fight back. It was a slow atack... slowly forming a translucid sphere that exploded and pushed the evil sorcerer away. We runed away while he was stunned and quickly got to a house on a lake. There I asked the people I wtf happened and how did I do the sphere atack. They told me verry few people can manage to use that spell and even fewer can make it big enough to actualy make damage. They also sayed the size of the "mental blast" is determined by the caster's feellings of sadness/anger/regret from painfull memories of the caster. I continued training this new skill of mine making explosions on the lake. When they saw the size of my "mental blast" theyre expressions changed to show terror on theyre faces and they asked me "Wtf happened to you in the past?"