plane party

Date: 4/24/2017

By crossheartcat

after my thesis defense me and a bunch of my friends went on a plane and flew somewhere. we had a plane party. everyone was drinking, but i dont think i was but i felt like i was drunk. when i calmed down i sat next to alex (my friend that I had a crush on) and talked a bit. my legs strated to get cold cos I was wearing shorts and borrowed a jacket from the floor. i was curled up next to alex and was watching a panic! at the disco video on the tv and was banging my head to it. then i smacked my head on the wall and i laughed it off like usual, but alex kissed my head. tom (tom harlock from youtube) slid on the floor to where i was sitting and I said im borrowing his jacket as a blanket if thats ok wit him and he said "its always ok love just take it you dont have to ask permission everytime." and I felt very touched by that statement and loved by the people around me.