The Strangest Nightmare I’ve Ever Had

Date: 2/23/2018

By caitlynm14117

I was home alone and I was doing something outside when I saw this baby deer fall out of a tree. It came closer to me and I saw it was a tiny donkey with dog teeth. I tried to back up to go to my house, hoping it would stop following me, but it wouldn’t. Then at some point it turned into a really creepy guy I’d seen earlier in my dream at a school assembly. He wanted to get into my house, and I don’t know what for but all I can think is he wanted to hurt me somehow. So somehow I lock him outside but I only locked him by this screen or glass door that only had a deadbolt and I left the actual front door open and unlocked. He broke in while I was trying to find a place to hide. I remember there were a ton of doors in the hall and they kept leading to other doors and bedrooms and it was confusing. At some point I ran out of the house, and that’s when I started to see everything as if it were in a comic book. Once I ran out, I saw a lady on the sidewalk and I told her what was wrong and she took me in her car to get my mom. Then my mom came to my house and called the police from there, which didn’t make sense. The police got the weirdo and then I saw myself going to bed. I closed my eyes but it did that thing that comics do where it makes it seem like there’s someone under the bed. So I look down and the next illustration is of Homer Simpson exploding out from under my bed.