Maybe I Secretly Kind of Want to Puke Again Someday

Date: 7/25/2017

By seascarlet

I was supposed to meet with my cousins for dinner. I never see them because they live halfway across the country, but tonight I was struggling. I felt super nauseous and it was getting worse. I tried to make it but eventually confided in my sister that I was feeling too sick, and wouldn't be able to eat anything anyway. It was weird cancelling something because of nausea. That never happens to me. Eventually I realized I was about to puke and I let it happen for a change. I puked a couple of times, and not much. It felt like it does when I have a little acidy heartburn in my throat but more significant. I didn't want to keep doing it and hoped it would just go out the other end the rest of the time, not to be gross. I don't remember what did end up happening, but I felt proud of myself for barfing because I haven't irl since I was five years old. Almost 30 years ago.