cari B

Date: 2/10/2017

By ash_kiss

So I had a boyfriend that was like 8 feet tall and he'd pick me up and put Me on his shoulders. The. We was walking and I was on his shoulders and I seen bombs started going off and it started at a short distance then they kept going more and more out wards. I felt there was nothing to do but sit and hold each other and hope we don't get hit by one. Then I was like fuck this and we kept running to the neach and I guess that was far enough. Somehow my boyfriend turned into Nathaniel and we were running on the beach and I turn around and he's gone :( I started fighting with this girl slamming her head on something saying where'd my boyfriend go and she finically tells me that " he went back cause he missed his his trap queens" witch happened to be my mom and some other girl. And for the first time in my dreams I said you know what, whatever and kept going. So I kept walking and I found cari b haha and we was in the Bahamas and she tells me "girl you supposed to be at my other one in the Bronx we could have got lit with you" and we had somebody pouring our drink but we was taking shots of champagne 🤔