First dream | #1 |

Date: 3/22/2017

By idreamadream

Dream journal 3/22/17 I will was robbing banks with mom. We got a fancy hotel and we had a room but I could phase through stuff like Barry Allen from the flash so I broke into a room but I don't think I broke or stole anything. We sat down outside on the patio and the hotel was in the middle of nowhere, with green pasture all around and I was sitting down with someone (this part is fading) so I get up and go into our room and my mom is using the bathroom. I leave and sit down again and fiddle with apps on my phone and I go in again and she's out of the bathroom and I propose that we keep 100 and give 300 to charity. (I don't know why but I thought we only took 400$ total). She then said no we took 20G and she wasn't going to give it to charity. I told her that it would look good in court. (Somehow I knew we were going to court on the weekend and in the dream it was Wednesday) after that I walked out and it kinda ended. I don't know if you have an iPhone but there's this thing called night shift and it turns all the phone colors warmer instead of the bleak white at night so you can get to sleep faster, anyway the whole dream was in that tan/ mustard yellow tone and it was quite weird. Also the "room" we had was more like a bathroom with a handicap stall and a sink. Also some other details. There were no other people I didn't have to unlock the room I don't remember walking to the table outside I think I had my dad at the table but I don't know Thanks for the read, I know it's long and the whole thing is kind of a run on sentence but this is my first one, and as I was typing it out it started to come back to me.