Lucid Gay Sex Dream

Date: 4/13/2017

By astralaustin

I went back to sleep after waking up earlier, and I was able to have a dream with this random dude who seemed kinda awkward but he was driving me around and apparently we were friends or something. I told him how he kept getting cut off down this street we had apparently turned down twice and he just kind of laughed it off. We end up arriving at our destination which is some kind of abandoned tool house thing (hard to explain but was basically a grouping of huge buildings where contractors were working and moving in and out of) but when we got inside, something made me realize I was asleep. It was the weirdest thing. I was not just aware I was dreaming, but I was hyper aware of me being in my bed. I could physically feel my back against my bed. I remember making my way over to this part of the building where the window looked out and I think I saw my mom walking our dog our something so it was revealed to be our neighborhood I was in. Then I was thinking of how would it be considered cheating if I fucked with this guy even if it's just a dream? (I have a a bf in my waking life) But I thought of my boyfriend and how he had a dream before like this and still did stuff with the guy so I thought fuck it! And I told the guy something I can't recall but we ended up on the floor as the workers came in and saw us but acted as if this happens often and they left after they grabbed some of their tools. So we're on the floor doing something but I remember him asking me if I wanted to try rimming. I said sure (my boyfriend doesn't actually like it but I always thought the idea of it was hot) so he ended up bending over and I stuck my tongue up his ass. I remember literally pushing it deeper up inside his hole and wiggling it around in there. I could tell he was enjoying it but the dream started to fade out and I remember being at the mall or something next. I know something else happened with another dude haha I just can't remember.