So much shit

Date: 5/18/2019

By gstpsk

Ok, so i was sitting on the couch in my living room and I did a reality check (breathing through closed nose). I could breath through it and realized I was dreaming. I told my parents that this were a dream and they believed me! They only thought it was really weird. I got up started to try some things as that was my goal for my next lucid dream. I breathed through my closed nose a couple times and rubbed my hands together. My dream wasn’t very clear though, so Ithought hell let’s try to yell “clarity” and i yelled it pretty loudly. This made the dream a lot more vivid and made me also feel it was more real. I almost couldn’t believe I was dreaming because everything seemed so vivid and real. I went upstairs and turned on my pc. My first thought was to write everything down that remember right nowfrom thedream and just save it on my pc. I quickly realized though that this was not possible. Then I remembered to check electronic devices if they behaved weirdly. I tried to fire up vs code and it worked for a couple seconds and then it froze. And started to show a loafing indicator. Everything just barely did anything after this besides showing loading indicators and the occasional moving of windows or changing of text. I walked away from my computer. I think after this I went through different dreams but I retained lucidity the whole time. I only remember small segments of them sadly. I didn’t use wbtb for this one but rather MILD.