Sharks with Spikes

Date: 5/31/2019

By -Frelsun-

I was a shark. Sleek, smooth, and one of the most beautifully efficient animals in this ocean. In our ocean. Our home - the Shark's Domain - was spectacular, and we had engineered much of it ourselves. We had revolutionized our part of the ocean by introducing electronics, transportation systems, and a method of ensuring a stable environment to the other animals in the kingdom, for which they were immensely grateful. We were on the brink of genetic alteration technologies, though that was not my field. You see, we were the most intelligent species on the planet. Being sharks, we had been at the top of the food chain before revolutionizing, and our status in the ocean remained after we became more intelligent. It wasn't until the new sharks came did I realize our technologies could actually be our biggest flaw. Swimming along a main road at the floor (This place was only about 60 feet deep) I encountered the genetically enhanced shark types for the first time. It was just one guy, but he looked unusual. Though he appeared normal size, he had five 1 foot spikes around his midsection, like a belt. It was simply part of him though, a strange defense mechanism. He flaunted his way past me, and I immediately took a disliking to them. After the G.M.O sharks were common knowledge, a new species came out. Again swimming on a road, I saw something scary looking. A larger than average shark, with five spikes all about 5 feet long protruding from its back. Regular sharks like me and 1 foot spikers both gawked at this overpowered new being. He looked like an enormous lionfish almost, and his spikes actually were filled with poison. "Ahh, what have we done," I thought to myself as I swam away, back home.