Amtrak, visiting friends, wanting sex

Date: 1/20/2017

By Purple

There were lots of things going on in my dreams last night. In one scene, I was on a commuter train that felt like it was Amtrak, going a long distance. I have no idea where I was coming from or where my destination was. There were families all around me. I paused and waited for an adult and child to pass me by so they can remain together. There were a cluster of teens, who I was sure they were looking at me and judging me. I was looking for a bathroom, and was told I passed it. Really? I didn't see it. So I back tracked and saw the men's room, then a few yards away, on the opposite wall, I saw a ladies' room. There were stairs to the left of the ladies' room, which seemed odd for a commuter rail, but it was a dream, and the peculiarities didn't phase me. Then I passed by Muna's family. I specifically recall seeing her mom, knowing her dad wasn't far behind. Scene changed. I was in Muna's parents' home, but the decor was different. They didn't know I was there, but somehow I entered. I was with Scott S. Some outside activity was going on, and it caused the top photo on the wall to fall off. (There were two small framed photos, each about 5" x 5", one an inch above the other on the wall.) I could tell those pictures were there a long time due to the dust and faded paint or wallpaper revealed by the fallen picture. Scene changed. Scott S and I were walking, and he handed me a card. I opened it up and thought the handwriting resembled another friend's handwriting. Upon waking, I knew it resembled Steve B's writing. He wrote a bit on the inside left of the card, and a lot more on the inside right of the card. I don't remember what the words were. I knew I wanted to have sex with him. I was trying to find the right way to tell him without being too forward. I don't know why, but I knew I was dreaming. Maybe because I started to wake up on my own, as my mind or body felt the nearing of the alarm to wake me up. I tried to force the dream to continue, to ask Scott to lay with me. It didn't happen, as the alarm rang for me to get up for the day.