Street clothes

Date: 3/9/2019

By desertdreamer

Me, mike, jetoye, and Winnie were all hanging out. We were driving around and went to chillis. After that, we went to my house to hang for a bit. For some reason, the town was arranged completely differently. There was a back alleyway I could walk through to get into town where the shops are from home. Anyhow, the next day (I think) me, mike, and jetoye we’re walking through the alley and I met this cute guy that I met yesterday irl, and I invited him to join us. Jetoye and mike less than enthused about this, but I’m psyched. We’re all hanging out in my room and they go home after a while, so it’s just me and the guy. We start flirting and shit and he’s like uncomfortably close and I get kind of flustered. So naturally, I do the same but I ramp it up a few notches because making people uncomfortable is what I do best lol. We’re joking around and I leap into his arms and he’s carrying me while we talk and I look him in the eyes and mention something perverse (jokingly), but then he mentions something his grandma said. Something like “my grandma told me once that if a girl wants to sleep with you so soon she’s not really looking at you”. And I’m thinking, you know, he’s not wrong! That’s a great ideology. But I wasn’t serious anyway because I remembered that I had a mans in that moment. I was like “I’m joking, we literally can’t” But the having a mans thing doesn’t really matter anyway because he’s only 17, it wasn’t going to happen regardless, I have no interest in minors lol. So this boy sits on my bed, and I’m just like uh okay, then proceeds to get under the covers like he’s going to bed. I’m just like... idk why you’re making yourself so comfortable in my bed wearing your STREET CLOTHES. And I hear my mom talking outside my room and It makes me feel even more impatient with it, because I’m here like, she’s gonna think something is happening when it’s actually not and I’m like whisper yelling at him to sit up and he’s not listening. Eventually he does tho. The next day all of my previously mentioned friends come over all of us go to this thing like vocational school for something Winnie has to do. The boy also goes to that school. And then you go do your think and me and him are goofing off in a room full of computers. When it’s time to leave I peek into another room and see my beloved squiddy, and yell his name out and he comes to say hi, then we leave and go back through the alley to drop jetoye home. Ol boy starts putting the moves on me and it’s tempting cause he a SNACK but I fought the urge.