Dragon Love

Date: 4/12/2019

By CocoFuze

I was chilling at my parents house with friends. My parents had dogs and other strange pets that loved to bite. I was trying to enjoy watching BTS videos, but my parents' animals kept trying to bite me. I ended up killing while holding them away from me. One of the dogs was a friend of mine and she left to avoid the carnage (she also like me). I went outside to blow off some steam. My friend's dog mom, who had a crush on me, was outside and started chasing me. Then my friend started chasing me to stop me. She launched herself in the air while I was in Dragon form(I had dragon powers, as well as other powers). She accidentally linked with me, ending in me transferring some of my power to her. I ran back inside. I ran all the way upstairs to my room, hoping to get away from her. She knew where my room was, so I hoped that going into the other room, I would lose her. She used her electric dragon powers to zap me from outside. She found her way in and started fighting me. She kept countering me attacks and having me hurt my cousin, who happened to be there. I didn't want her having me accidentally killing my cousin, so I ended up killing her. A short while later, her mom came in. My mom told her that her daughter was dead. The woman was inconsolable. Then I had this great electric pain in my body and I realized that I was dying. I told everyone that I was dying because there was a dragon creed where you aren't allowed to kill another dragon, even in self-defense, lest you die. Then I died. I was in the Death Plain and saw my friend. She told me that I couldn't stay there with her, that I was to returned to the land of the living. I told her about the dragon creed. She told me that it didn't matter, that I was to return to the land of the living. I felt my soul being snatched from the Death Plain and felt a little electricity as my soul was thrust back into my body. I told everyone that I was back and that I was there on God's assignment. I was now a prophet. People started coming to me from everywhere, kneeling in front of me and praying as I touched them with the "Hand of God".