Dunked on

Date: 3/5/2019

By xCaligo

We were playing basketball at some gum that was not my high school and I don’t recognize it off the too of my head but we were scrimmaging with just people from our school. It was getting kind of heated between the too teams and people were starting to take it seriously and out of nowhere colton comes up and has this flying two hand slam and brings it down over the top of me. He has never dunked before as far as I know and just so happens to do so on me. Being me, I get in position to take a charge with my feet wide and my hands crossed in front of me. This really gets my goat because I can dunk fairly consistently in practice and when we are warming up but I still have yet to dunk in a real game like setting. I have a couple attempts where I’m the one playing point guard and I give a couple ball fakes and take it to the rim and go up. There is no power in my legs. At half time or whatever I go to sit in the top of the bleachers and I’m pretty demoralized. I don’t know why this is affecting me so much. Coach ware is comes over to talk to me but I can’t remember what he says. More people start to come of the court and I go over and congratulate colton for his big achievement. I walk off and see mo walking on the side and just give him a big hug and tell him I appreciate him a lot and that he is always super nice and helpful. I continue to walk out these doors that run parallel to the court and into the some kind of lobby thats full of equipment. There is a pile of wrestling mats in one corner with a bunch of sweaty cross country uniforms on top that donny asks me to move. That’s basically where the dream ends.