Fire Fire 911

Date: 8/17/2017

By contactsilence

A fire broke out and I had gotten separated from my husband. In the pandemonium, I decided to steel a lady's purse. She had treated me badly in a previous business deal and I guess that was my way of getting back at her. Plus, I was really low on cash and I was hoping I'd find enough in there to get me by. But a fire had broke out and the hallways were becoming spare and I knew I had to get out of there. I heard the valley was full of smoke. I made my way out and I was directed to follow a group of people. We came suddenly to an alcove in the mountain side, much like one would find a small waterfall trickling down. It is in this small alcove that was quite steep that my group had to huddle close and stand upon one another to get out of the valley. The smoke was making its way to us. I leaned in and closed my eyes and prayed I'd be spared the unfortunate death of those in the smokey valley subject to smoke inhalation.