Holden and the pig

Date: 7/7/2017

By papajuans

I was taking defense in my house from what were like pirates. I along with other people hid in the backyard, the place they went to last and could watch and listen as the pirates progressed through the house, shouting in each room. When they went into a new room, they'd spray paint the windows so people couldn't see what they were doing. Carlos and I were sitting with others in the back. We both had pistols: a beretta and a glock. When they outside they were preoccupied with everyone at the door so J went up to try and spray them down with a rapid fire pistol spray. Didn't work. Shortly after they all left for some reason. Holden came over with a man he had sworn himself too which I guess meant he could do whatever he wanted; I wasn't gonna have any of that. So I aggressively picked up his dog while he wasn't there. The dog's head popped off and as did its tongue. I killed it. When Holden found out he was panicking ( so was I) and decided to make a tribute for the dog in hopes of pleasing the man before he got back and found out what had happened. So he bought what seemed like a train set, assembled it, and but the dogs body on the train and let it run. This is a continuity error in my dream: we went to look for the man (at this point I disappeared in order to hide and was following holden (he could see and talk to me). Instead of looking for the man we went to look for his daughter (now the dog was the man who had died. So we went to show his daughter the tribute). For some reason my backyard connected to a mossy stone maze which is where we went to look for her. When we found her she died and Holden tried leading he ghost back to my backyard but she wasn't too smart and had trouble following Holden. That's when he did something to make it so that she could follow us easily: he found ghost water and made he drink it. She did. Note: this whole time I'm freaking out because I don't want her to get mad and seek revenge for her father. On the way back we pass some piglets on the road. Holden says one of them is cute but would make a good meal. The piglet doesn't see either me or the girl but the girl is able to push it around and does so. The confused pig looks up to Holden, smiling thinking he's messing with it. This is where I woke up