Driving to a Disaster

Date: 4/10/2017

By exhailing-bittersweet

My mom was driving with me down a c-r-a-p-p-y trailer park. It was a total disaster. A thunderstorm had just blown by causing the dirt road to be very muddy. We reached the end of the road to a crappy trailer where we got off at. When we got out of the car the car immediately broke down. I took the keys out of the car and remember praying to God that the car will work again when we got back. We climbed up the porch and open the door only to see that there is no power. All the sudden my ,VERY SCARY LOOKING, great aunt appears from the kitchen. Her dog runs up to the light switch, jumps up, flicks the switch with his nose, and the light turns on. She opens her refrigerator revealing that top to bottom the shelves are filled with Coca-Cola. She reaches around and pulls out a big box of cookies and gives my mom 3 and one big one to me.