Psychopaths Store

Date: 9/30/2018

By Zephandrypus

I was in need of cash, but was only at “60% happiness” so my “productivity” was down. Like a mash of Fallout 4’s concepts of Charisma and Settlement Happiness. So I take some pills and/or eat some food with happiness stats, and get up to 90%. Now I can go to... whatever the hell my brain meant it to be. I’m assuming some kind of store, but it also had elements of an arcade. My selling or winning spree somehow turned into being at a party in someone’s big living room, while also having a “job” there. The owners of the place were a boy around 19 and a girl around 16. Let’s call them Drake and Paige. Drake had a mean, predatory look about him that I didn’t like. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I like saw the future or something, where police were taking notes and there was a severed “lady leg”. Then it cut to “security footage” of Drake dragging a dead, naked girl out of a pool (there’s a pool in the living room, which my brain forgot immediately after), her leg getting caught on the edge, and somehow coming off at the entrance to the door to a “pool closet”. I think it was implied there were multiple dead girls, whom Drake stripped naked before hiding them. There weren’t any marks on the bodies, no idea how they died. I’m guessing Drake hired a bunch of hookers or something who all died on his floor. There were a bunch of tween kids on the couch and various chairs, playing video games or watching Star Wars or something. Because I’m a pretty cool guy, Drake and Paige come over to try and “recruit” me. When Paige said “we NEED to cleanse the filth”, I realized what I was dealing with here. After politely declining, I went on high-alert. I was very slowly and self-consciously trying to pack my things to leave, while avoiding eye contact and also doing my job, whatever the fuck that was. Of course, I seemed to be carrying my stuff outside in multiple trips. The exit was now a weird set of “metal-mesh” or catwalk metal stairs and catwalks, oddly shoved into the corner, with multiple “stories” of stairs going up, visible from inside. The long walk, exposure, and clanging noises did nothing to help my anxiety. Having to go back after I said I was leaving: it wasn’t fun. Drake was on the couch playing video games, with his back to me and my computer. I kept tripping over cables and praying it wasn’t attached to Drake’s controller (what kind of shitty cable job that was is beyond me). Instead, I yanked some kid’s cable right as I reached my computer, and he yelled “hey!” My computer was on one of those projector roller thingies teachers used in school, with shelves underneath. I quickly tried to hide behind it, uncomfortably aware of how few cables there were in the way. Drake turned around and looked right at me, and asked what I was doing. I said “just getting my things”. As I was leaving, Drake got up and with Paige, they started following me up the stairs. I hoped beyond hope that it was just a coincidence, and they weren’t going to stab me. But it wasn’t. I woke up as they were following me down the sidetrack and I was trying to think of a plan.