Nevermind the Threesome

Date: 7/20/2017

By seascarlet

I was invited into an all-girl threesome by my old color guard instructor. I used to know she was gay and have a sort-of crush on her or whatever, but this is the first dream I can remember having about her. Anyway I felt unsure of it and of this friend she was inviting. Then I realized I had a thin layer of green velvety moss growing all over my chest and stomach. Not very sexy and I wished I'd remembered before agreeing to sex. Then at some point the moss was gone, but I still felt not sure about the situation. The friend showed up, an attractive black girl close to our ages. I think I realized she was famous and I was sort of in awe of her, but still feeling weirded out by the situation. Then my old guard instructor got sick. Very deathly sick and was maybe going to die, but refusing to go to the hospital. Her friend said we should respect her wishes, but I was about to drag her to get help. She had a fever and her skin looked like a petri dish. It had various sized pale circles all over it that had tiny bluish dots in the center, some overlapping. Then her face turned red, then black as she writhed in pain because she was having a heart attack. Afterwards her face went back to normal and her fever broke and the wierd bacteria circles disappeared, but it was going to happen again soon because it was a cycle. A close friend had had this disease before in my dream and survived, it was called Pique in the dream, but he had not had a heart attack as a result of it. The friend was still saying to respect her wishes to not see a doctor, but at this point I had stolen a van and was telling her to get in, we were going to the ER. I don't remember much else.