DSU Football and The Schiltz

Date: 8/16/2017

By SHeesch26

I jump into the dream towards the end of a football game, I'm playing my usual position of wide receiver. Realizing I haven't played football since my sophomore year of college, it takes me a minute to gather myself and realize I'm playing WR for DSU. Back to the game at hand, we're at about the 3 yard line looking to finish off the game (not much pressure so we must have a lead) with a TD or a 2 pt conversation. We have 3 WRs on the field starting in a bunched formation just off the TE (myself and another receiver to the right, another to he left) then shift to a spread formation when the defense shows HEAVY blitz. No corners come out to defend us so the QB quickly snaps the ball with 3 wide open receivers on the outside. A couple seconds in, the QB hits the TE who's right in front of the goal post and we scored. Coach Anderson walks over, happy as can be, and we start talking about how that was a hell of a game and how it was nice to have me on the field. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Schiltz starts walking over and the location of where the field was at now changes. At first it felt similar to TZ's field with us on the home side but when Mr Schiltz came over, suddenly we were on the playground at the Rosholt school. Mr Schiltz asks how I was eligible to even play, having not been on the roster nor having played in four years so we explained the NAIA rule of having 10 semesters to play 4 years, etc. Small talk continues and the dream ends.