Date: 9/7/2019

By LaurenTheFierce

I had a dream where I was hanging out with some of my cross country friends at this one house. It had an outdoor area full of sand and a volleyball net. Me and my best friend Isabella were trying to collect stickers hidden around the place for some reason. They were special, so we weren’t just taking any. As most of my friends left for a second, I found myself alone with one boy; Tristan. As I peered to look over at him, I’d noticed that he had a sticker. So of course I asked him if I could see it. He said sure and handed it over to me. It was a special one, but not entirely, it was missing something. So of course I just gave it back to him. He then looked me in the eyes and insisted that I keep it. So I did. I walked over to me and Isabella’s collection and added it straight to the collage we had going on. People then started to come back. As they did Tristan then came over to me. He asked me how I was doing with a tinge of concern. I told him I was okay. I then asked him how he was and said he was doing quite fine. Tristan then asked me about how I was feeling running wise and looked at my knees. I told him that my knees were actually feeling better now and that he didn’t have to worry. It was good to know he cared. Later when me and my friends were done hanging out, I walked off into a sandy parking lot nearby to get into my car. For some reason I didn’t have the car I actually have in real life. Instead, I now had a yellow Volkswagen beetle. As I got closer to my car I realized someone was inside it; my friend Paula or Jamyra. She was on the driver’s side so I just got in on the other. I then asked her what she was doing in my car. Without even putting any keys in Paula/Jamyra began to back the car up. I turned to her and the shift and put it into drive. We then started going forward as we fought for the direction we’d head in. As we got back into the parking spot I somehow halted the car with brakes that were on my side. As we stopped I then turned around around to notice my car was now a lot bigger, and that two dudes were sitting in the back of my car. Turning back to Paula/Jamyra I saw that she was no longer there. Now it was just me and these two dudes. They then somehow forced me into a tiny room in my car. Pennywise the clown was also haunting an object in the tiny room. When I realized this I screamed and tried to breakout. I couldn’t.