Secret spy family

Date: 7/13/2019

By Taradactyle

I was in this world where my family was part of this organization where we stopped bad people and we also had some super powers. We were able to run fast have super strength and some more I don’t remember. We had this headquarters we live at and the main bad guy came and it became a huge our people against his war. I shot tons of people and when I finally thought I was safe I turned around and saw him. I shot him in the head and he was dead. My family thought they all got away but I told them I killed the main guy. We later went to a breakfast place and he was there. I was so confused because I killed him but I got my gun ready and pointed it at him from outside the window. I was only with my mom and we reloaded the guns and went in. As soon as he saw us he told the cashier that there was a someone with a gun and I guess it was illegal in this dream. We then jumped through the window and went into an abandoned shed where he found us and was about to kill us but I woke up. It was actually really scary and I was so happy it was a dream when I woke up.