Juuling and Karate

Date: 6/29/2019

By emmaoftheleighs

I was in the car with some guy friends, I don't remember specifically who. We were just parked in a parking lot, chilling and talking. There was another car parked a little bit across from us with another guy just chilling, I think he was my friend but the people I was with didn't know him. He came over to the car and kept trying to give me his juul. I wanted it but my guy friends kept telling me not to take it. While they weren't looking, I took it and the guy told me it was actually a dab pen. I don't remember if I hit it while I was still in the car or after I got out of the car and got away from my friends, but I hit it I think 3 times. It was a pine flavour like the one I have irl. So we all get to this karate tournament and I find my friend and give him his juul/pen back. I'm not really feeling anything but I figured that was good since I was about to do karate. I think I was a red belt and the other guy was a black belt. This mean old lady who I assume was our instructor started yelling at us to get in our seats. We were in her house like in a back section and she had all these wooden fold chairs set up in a circle. I was supposed to fight first against someone but the other people doing karate messed it up and went first instead. The old lady got mad and cancelled the tournament and we had to leave.