tiny zombie massacre

Date: 3/4/2017

By psyche

i went to some sort of party under some tents. there was music and dancing and friends and it was great. next thing i know everyone's been brutally murdered and there's blood and bodies everywhere. the last thing i wanna do is go back there but i have to bc i have to take pics of something (i can't remember what). i was trying to figure out the best strategy for getting back there and avoiding seeing too much of the horror that was still there. this was days later and i guess the bodies still hadn't been removed. jon told me i could approach it from the rear by going up a hill that was back there. but before i could go, the zombies started attacking. they weren't really zombies tho they were only about a foot high w big skulls and just looked like skeletons. i must've spent hours crushing them one by one w my hands or whatever tools i could get my hands on. i think i was at home and i finally killed all of the zombie things. i was ready to go to the place but i couldn't go alone. i really needed kyle but i couldn't get ahold of him. i guess megan ended up coming w me bc she was there all of a sudden. we looked over where we were going and it was a smallish mausoleum type building made of black and red marble just like lenins. it was guarded by black hooded figures and you had to pay to go inside. i realized i had forgotten my camera like an idiot. i ended up w another one somehow along w a flash. i was taking pics w it but couldn't figure out how to make the flash and the shutter go off at the same time. i tried to get my dad to go w me to the place but it closed in an hr and he said it wouldn't be enough time. also at one point i was trying to figure out what i had left at the party when everyone was murdered and if it would be worth going back for any of it. someone w a sort of 6th sense was w me and was able to tell me what i had left. there was a hoodie that i would probably miss but i decided it wouldn't be worth seeing what i would have to see to get it back